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Silicon based Optoelectronics Research:

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Traffic explosive growth, "Moore's law" calls for the era of silicon light. Market has not yet fully cognitive "optical Moore's law" of great significance. We found that in the field of optical communication there is a law of Moore phenomenon, known as the "optical Moore's law", that is, network traffic every 2 years to achieve double, backbone optical communication equipment every 3 years to upgrade once. Explosive traffic growth, to bring great pressure on the backbone network of optical communications. However, the current based on InP and GaAs made of semiconductor optical chip high cost restricts optical communication line capacity of carrying traffic outbreak, Si emerged in silicon-based optoelectronics semiconductor materials.
Silicon light, or will start to take off in 2018. Some investors believe that the light is still far away. We judge that the light is likely to take off in 2018. SiFotonics announced that its silicon optical PD/APD chip (detector) has been shipped nearly 1 million pieces of the United Kingdom, the researchers showed a direct growth in the silicon material on the first beam of practical laser. We judge, devices, will be the first application in silicon light modulator detector, laser is the most difficult, and ultimately the silicon optical integrated device; application scenario, silicon light will be the first application in a short distance, large capacity transmission IDC. According to D Yole veloppement forecast, the U.S. silicon optical market in 2018 will reach $330 million in 2020 to reach $120 million, of which IDC demand will be the core driving force.
Magnates, silicon has become a trend. Overseas market, Acacia, Intel, Mellonax, SiFotonics and other companies actively research and development of silicon optical materials, to seize the optical communication market. The domestic market, HUAWEI has acquired the British photonic integration company CIP and Caliopa, involved in the field of silicon photonics. Domestic and foreign enterprises to increase R & D investment, the silicon light technology and the existing technology, the development of low-cost, low energy consumption, high speed transmission media. At present, the major leading companies earnings are showing a large profit space, fast growth. Silicon photonics technology has become an irresistible trend. Key recommendation: Accelink, sinohit equipment. Benefit subject: agner Technology Group (0877.hk).



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