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"Intelligent building industry 4 release and organic silicon industry exchange summit" held in Linqu

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In June 14th, the "smart made industry 4 release and exchange of silicone industry summit" held in China aluminum industry base - Shandong Linqu.
This event, sponsored by the Chinese building waterproof sealing material association branch, Linqu Aluminum Industry Association of silicone in association with the Specialized Committee, Guangdong teenage boy group's teenage boy bi-win automation equipment Co., Ltd. and Foshan talent legend automation equipment limited company jointly hosted by Chinese, Academy of cloud computing center and the Southern China Institute of design innovation as a strategic support unit. Silicone industry in Shandong well-known enterprises Yongan Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., Shandong Baolong Industrial Group Co. Ltd., Shandong fit rubber industry Polytron Technologies Inc also participated in the meeting. The summit is an important activity in 2016 building sealing materials branch annual conference of the seventh session of the International Symposium on the technology of sealing material.
AC summit participants leadership experts spoke, congratulations on the summit, and expressed the hope, hope that this summit can really promote the exchange and development of the industry, supply and demand docking, the real good technology products used in industries and enterprises to create "smart made 4 new industrial situation".
The next step, the Chinese Academy of cloud computing center director Liu Ning Wang Yong; President of the Southern China Design Innovation Institute; Foshan talent legend automation equipment Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Guanhua; Guangdong teenage boy Doublewin automation equipment Co., Ltd. chairman Huang Haitao; and the Shandong fit rubber industry Polytron Technologies Inc general manager Ding Dahong; Tianyuan (Yichang) Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Lv Debin; Guangzhou shengbaoda Industrial Co., Ltd. chairman He Min and other research institutions, equipment manufacturers and silicone manufacturing enterprise leaders, to jointly carry out the "intelligent manufacturing industry 4 strategy signing". Signed a strategic agreement, marking the combination of our new silicone manufacturing industry production, but also marks the silicone manufacturing industry research in-depth cooperation on the three links in the supply and demand has entered a new step.
After the end of the summit, the founder and legend of the two companies too win gift to the guests to a wonderful dinner. Toast each other between, eight party deep friendship; tuibeihuanzhan, cooperation, world party!



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