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Silicon carbide series

Silicon carbide powder

Release time:2016-11-09

Silicon carbide powder

Black silicon carbide is quartz sand (SIO2) and anthracite coal or petroleum coke (C) as the basic raw materials of non-metallic mineral products generated in the condition of high temperature above 1800 degrees Celsius below, it has high hardness, low coefficient of expansion, brittleness, good thermal conductivity, widely used in abrasives, grinding, electronic products refractory materials, special ceramics, ceramic foam, plastic paint add modification, auto parts, military aviation, steelmaking deoxidizer etc..
Black silicon carbide sub black silicon carbide particle size sand and black carbide powder two categories of products.
I company of black silicon carbide is mainly used for steel smelting industry, refractory industry, such as channel material, silicon carbide gun mud and brick shaped and unshaped products.



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