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Ferrosilicon series

Silicon iron

Release time:2016-11-28

Silicon iron

Iron alloy is composed of iron and silicon ferrosilicon. Ferrosilicon is coke, steel scrap, quartz (or silica) as raw material, made of silicon iron alloy smelting. Because the silicon and oxygen easily synthesized silica, so ferrosilicon often used in steelmaking as deoxidizer, at the same time as SiO2 generation give off a lot of heat, in deoxidation and is favorable to improve the temperature of molten steel. At the same time, also can be used as ferrosilicon alloy additives, widely used in low alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resistant steel and electrical steel, ferrosilicon in ferroalloy production and chemical industry, used as reducing agent.

In the steel making industry, used as a. In order to obtain a qualified chemical composition of steel and steel to ensure the quality of the final stage in the steel must be oxygen, silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between the large and strong steelmaking deoxidizer ferrosilicon is used for deposition and diffusion deoxidation. Add a certain amount of silicon in the steel, can significantly improve the strength of steel, hardness and elasticity, and thus in the smelting steel (silicon 0.40-1.75% tool steel, a bud just ready to burst) (including SiO.30-1.8%), spring steel (SiO.40-2.8%) and silicon steel transformer (silicon 2.81-4.8%), the use of ferrosilicon as alloying agent. In the steel industry, foundry industry and ferroalloy industry is the largest user of ferrosilicon. They consume about 90% of the ferrosilicon. In a variety of different grades of ferrosilicon, currently the most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon. In the steel industry, the production of 1t steel consumes about 3-5kg75% ferrosilicon.



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